About Us

Welcome to Burhani Info Solutions, where innovation meets connectivity to redefine the landscape of audiovisual communication. Established in 2020, our name, 'Burhani,' embodies the essence of demonstrative and decisive current knowledge, inspired by the transformative power of technology in revolutionizing communication for companies and individuals alike.

At Burhani, we pride ourselves on adopting a human-centric approach, reshaping how clients connect teams, share ideas, streamline workflows, and optimize spaces for enhanced efficiency. With a strong presence in all major Indian cities, we have garnered a diverse client base spanning various industries.

Our success is rooted in strategic partnerships with original equipment manufacturers and prestigious industry affiliations, enabling us to deliver unparalleled end-to-end services. This commitment to excellence ensures a seamless experience for our clients, with a focus on superior quality and transformative solutions.

Our services extend beyond mere connectivity; they are a catalyst for positive change. By redefining communication possibilities, Burhani Info Solutions significantly transforms how companies and individuals conduct business. Join us on this journey as we continue to shape the future of collaborative innovation, one connection at a time..


Bridging excellence and innovation, Burhani Info Solution envisions a future where we empower clients with superior technology integrations, ensuring their readiness for tomorrow's challenges while meeting both infrastructure and aesthetic aspirations.


At Burhani Info Solutions, our mission is to leverage our extensive expertise and market leadership in audiovisual, communication & Collaboration, and automation technology domains. We are dedicated to delivering the latest and optimal solutions tailored to our customers' unique infrastructure, needs, and goals, ensuring their success through cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service..