BassPro SL2

Design and Size The BassPro SL2 is engineered to be exceptionally compact, making it ideal for installation...
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BassPro SL2

BassPro SL2

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BassPro SL2

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Design and Size

The BassPro SL2 is engineered to be exceptionally compact, making it ideal for installation in vehicles where space is at a premium. Its compact size allows for versatile mounting options, fitting into tight spaces such as under seats or in small trunk areas.



Equipped with a Class D amplifier, the BassPro SL2 efficiently powers the 8-inch subwoofer. Class D amplifiers are known for their high efficiency and compact size, ensuring the subwoofer can deliver punchy bass without drawing excessive power or generating heat.



 The included 8-inch subwoofer driver is carefully matched to the enclosure, optimized to deliver deep, clear bass frequencies. Its size strikes a balance between compactness and bass output, making it suitable for enhancing the low-end response of various music genres in car audio systems.



 Housed in a ported enclosure, the subwoofer is tuned to maximize bass response. Ported enclosures are designed to enhance low-frequency output by allowing air to move in and out of the enclosure, reinforcing bass tones and improving overall sound quality.


Power Handling

With a power handling capability of up to 125 watts RMS (Root Mean Square), the BassPro SL2 can efficiently handle continuous power delivery. This ensures robust bass performance without strain, suitable for both casual listeners and audiophiles seeking impactful bass reproduction.



 The unit typically features adjustable controls for fine-tuning audio settings. These may include input sensitivity adjustment to match the output of the head unit or amplifier, a variable low-pass crossover to blend seamlessly with existing speakers, and phase adjustment to optimize bass response based on vehicle acoustics.



Designed for straightforward installation, the BassPro SL2 often comes with integrated mounting brackets or straps. Additionally, it may include a wiring harness or connectors, simplifying the wiring process and minimizing installation time. This user-friendly design makes it accessible for DIY enthusiasts and professional installers alike.



 While primarily intended for automotive use, the BassPro SL2's compact form factor and integrated amplifier make it suitable for a range of applications. It can enhance the bass output in small boats, ATVs, or even home audio setups where space is limited but powerful bass is desired.

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