Club 605CSQ

Plus One™ Woofer Cone Architecture This innovative design expands the cone area compared to standard speakers of...
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Club 605CSQ

Club 605CSQ

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Club 605CSQ

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Plus One™ Woofer Cone Architecture

This innovative design expands the cone area compared to standard speakers of the same size, resulting in a higher sensitivity rating. This increased area allows the speaker to move more air, producing deeper bass and a broader soundstage. The larger cone area improves the efficiency and output, making your music sound fuller and richer​


Edge-Driven Silk Dome Tweeters

These tweeters offer a more refined sound reproduction, especially in the higher frequency range. The edge-driven design allows for a larger tweeter diaphragm compared to traditional designs, resulting in a smoother and more accurate high-frequency response. This ensures that the highs are crisp and clear, adding depth and clarity to the overall sound


Acoustic Damping

The polypropylene cone is treated with an acoustic damping material to minimize resonance. This treatment helps to reduce unwanted vibrations and distortions, ensuring that the sound remains pure and uncolored. The acoustic damping allows the speaker to deliver a more natural and detailed sound, even at higher volumes​


Low Impedance Design (True 4 Ohm Technology)

The True 4 Ohm design allows the speakers to draw more power from the amplifier compared to higher impedance designs. This feature ensures that the speakers receive adequate power, resulting in higher efficiency and improved performance. This low impedance design helps to maximize the output and dynamics of your audio system, delivering powerful and immersive sound​


High Power Handling

With a continuous power handling capability of 90 watts RMS and peak power handling of up to 270 watts, these speakers can handle high levels of power without distortion. This high power handling capacity ensures that the speakers can deliver clear and undistorted sound, even at high volume levels. It provides robust performance for both everyday listening and high-demand audio playback


Versatile Installation Options

The I-Mount™ and Starfish™ mounting systems provide flexibility and ease of installation. The I-Mount™ system allows for angle and surface mounting of the tweeters, while the Starfish™ mounting system offers multiple mounting configurations, ensuring that the tweeters can be positioned optimally in a variety of vehicle locations. These versatile installation options ensure that you can achieve the best possible sound staging and imaging in your car

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