JBL BassPro 12

Slipstream Port Technology The Slipstream port technology eliminates turbulence which eliminates noise, inarticulate bass when driven.  ...
Product Type: Subwoofer

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JBL BassPro 12

JBL BassPro 12

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JBL BassPro 12

Rs. 0.00

Slipstream Port Technology

The Slipstream port technology eliminates turbulence which eliminates noise, inarticulate bass when driven.


Reliable Performance

JBL ensures the durability and longevity of the BassPro 12 through rigorous quality control and testing standards. Each unit undergoes lifecycle testing, including 200 hours in an environmental chamber with extreme temperature variations and 150 hours under ultraviolet light. Additionally, the subwoofer is subjected to 100 hours of rated power using various frequencies and music to ensure it can handle real-world conditions.


Single Box Total Solution

The BassPro 12 is an all-in-one solution that integrates a 150W RMS amplifier, a subwoofer, and a slipstream port into a single MDF wood enclosure. This design makes it easy to add powerful JBL bass to any car audio system without the need for separate components or complex installations.


Bass Volume Remote Control

A convenient remote control is included, allowing you to adjust the bass volume from the driver's seat. This eliminates the need to stop and manually adjust settings, providing a seamless listening experience.


Built-in 150-Watt Amplifier

The built-in amplifier is specifically designed to complement the subwoofer for maximum performance. With 150W RMS and 450W peak power, it provides ample power to deliver deep, impactful bass.


Progressive Spider

The progressive spider design ensures control over the cone's motion at high excursions, enhancing reliability and performance even at the highest listening levels. This design feature helps maintain consistent bass output without distortion.


Vented Polepiece

The vented polepiece helps cool the subwoofer's motor, improving power handling and reducing power compression. This cooling mechanism ensures that the subwoofer performs optimally even during extended use at high volumes.


Oversize, Dual-Stacked Magnets

The BassPro 12 uses oversized, dual-stacked magnets to increase magnetic flux, providing higher output and better cone motion control. This results in more accurate and powerful bass reproduction.


Flexible Connections

The subwoofer features speaker-level and line-level inputs, allowing it to connect to virtually any car audio system. This flexibility ensures compatibility with a wide range of setups.


Automatic On/Off Function

The automatic on/off function detects a signal on the speaker level input, turning the subwoofer on or off accordingly. This eliminates the need for a remote turn-on wire and ensures the subwoofer powers down when not in use to save energy.


Oversized Speaker-Protection Bars

The robust design includes oversized speaker-protection bars to safeguard the woofer cone from damage while adding a sleek, muscular look to the subwoofer.

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