JBL Stage Amplifier A3001

300-Watt RMS Output The A3001 provides a continuous power output of 300 watts RMS, ensuring consistent and...
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JBL Stage Amplifier A3001

JBL Stage Amplifier A3001

Rs. 0.00

JBL Stage Amplifier A3001

Rs. 0.00

300-Watt RMS Output

    • The A3001 provides a continuous power output of 300 watts RMS, ensuring consistent and robust audio performance.
    • This feature makes it suitable for driving a variety of subwoofers, delivering clear and powerful bass without distortion.


Variable Bass Boost

    • Users can adjust the bass output to their preference with the variable bass boost feature.
    • This allows for a tailored audio experience, enhancing low-frequency sounds for a richer, more immersive sound.


Low-Pass Filter

    • The built-in low-pass filter allows for precise tuning of the audio signal, ensuring that only the desired frequencies reach the subwoofer.
    • This feature enhances the overall sound quality by eliminating unwanted high frequencies.


High-Efficiency Class D Amplifier

    • The A3001 utilizes Class D amplifier technology, which is known for its high efficiency and minimal heat generation.
    • This ensures reliable performance and longer operational life while conserving power.


Compact Design

    • The amplifier's compact footprint makes it easy to install in a variety of vehicle models without taking up excessive space.
    • This design flexibility is ideal for modern cars with limited installation space.


Connectivity Options

    • It features both low-level (RCA) and high-level inputs, making it compatible with almost any factory or aftermarket audio system.
    • This versatility ensures easy integration with existing car audio setups.


Protection Circuitry

    • The A3001 includes multiple protection circuits to safeguard against overheating, short circuits, and overloads.
    • These protections enhance the amplifier's durability and reliability.


Adjustable Input Sensitivity

    • This feature allows for matching the amplifier's input sensitivity with the output of the source unit, ensuring optimal performance and minimal distortion.


Durable Construction

    • Built with high-quality materials, the A3001 is designed to withstand the rigors of automotive environments.
    • Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance even under demanding conditions.

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